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I just took delivery yesterday of an '11 Vert, so a few things. If i miss something/get it wrong I'm sure someone will catch!

The tires are not run-flat, they are the regular conti's (on mine). They come with a can of fix-a-flat in the trunk which they give the fancy name of "bmw mobility system" to...

I have the premium sound, it sounds nice, but not great. Have not listened to the non-premium sound in an e93..

Yes you can move the headrests up/down and back/forward

no foglamps on the '11

there are a couple of new options coming that i know of. I believe these are all for September and later production

- new colors like Mineral White (I was close to ordering brilliant white...salesman told me I should wait because mineral white is coming)
- next upgrade for the idrive including album art for ipod connectivity (!!)