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PlannBee owns his first Bimmer! **E36 content**

Hi everyone, some of the bimmerpost members know me and most of you guys don't.
Just allow me to introduce myself, I'm currently 19 years old, I've been a member of Bimmerpost since September of 2009, and I've been lurking around e90post 2 years prior to that. What started my love for bimmers is my brother's ownership of an Arctic metallic e92 335i. His car got me interested into BMW's and I then became a self-proclaimed bimmer enthusiast.

My love for bimmers has grown very much over the last 3 years and the dream of owning a BMW has also become more intense. I knew my first car would have to be bought with my own income and due to my family's financial situation, my income wasn't enough for me to buy my own car quite yet. Then a couple months ago, a supervisor of mine knew I needed a car and he happened to have a '96 328is e36 M/T, he decided to sell me the car extremely cheap and before I knew it I was the owner of a BMW!

Having a bimmer as my first car may have not been the smartest idea, due to high maintaince cost for these euro cars, but I'm ready to tackle whatever is bound to go wrong in a 16 year old car.

Many of you know its been a huge dream for me to own my first BMW and I knew one day it would happen, but I didn't think that day would come so soon.

Well here's my baby 'Becka'.

Sorry for the horrible image, it was taken by my phone and snatched from my Facebook page as I'm posting this thread from my phone.

I have very big plans for this car over the next few years, this car is the perfect foundation for a complete overhaul. I will work that much harder just to make this happen. Thanks for reading guys!
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