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Originally Posted by NRBRNG View Post
Hmm... they are week 13/09. just got them from Tirerack. Interested to know pov from folks here...i am guessing this is OK.

Started at 31 PSI all around, didn't get the chance to take pressures after...rain. always next time.

These awork-x CS are a different spring rate to regular ones (500/800 I believe). I have a note to Florian at a-workx for the spring specs, will post soon...
I ask about the DOT dates on those BFG R1 285s because we had 2 failures on track and they were very odd = no explosions, no tell-tale signs ..... one seperated from its sidewall on the inside of the passenger's side and the other stripped itself to the cord on the outside of the driver's side. They were both manuf. 2007

I ran 32-36 cold and saw up to 44 hot = this was at the suggestion of Michelin's Motorsport Engineer (Michelin owns BFG).

There are some BMWCCA e36/e46 guys that complain about the progressive springs that come with the KW CS and have them replaced with linear springs of the same weight. Can you confim the rate and if they are linear vs. progressive?