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Originally Posted by TiAg335i View Post
Oh yeah, and by the way, your argument is based on the fact that people who pull all nighters get GOOD grades. This isn't true 99% of the time, at least in my experience. These are the same people who cheat during the final, and just 'get by' with barely passing grades. These are also the same people who bitch and moan and beg the professor to not give them a failing grade for the course. With these points in mind, your argument is null and invalid. For you it may apply, but not for the people I've seen and known.
Yes it is, it's based off doing what works for you. Meaning what works gives you the best grade you can get. Nice made up statistic btw. And nothing you said nullifies my argument, I take it your "difficult" major wasn't logic. Nor was it statistics.

I have had a stick up my ass in OT lately, mostly due to the sheer stupidity of 99% (made up statistic) of the people post here

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