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Originally Posted by Dave07997S View Post
When I am referring to build quality I am referring to the touch and feel of the materials. I agree with you I feel the Mustang is of excellent build quality. Its just after 2 E46 M3s and an 07 997S getting a Mustang with its interior just didn't feel good to me. Believe me, I wanted to get a Mustang and save some $400 per month on a payment. It was just to much of a downgrade (interior wise) than I was willing to do, of course this is just my opinion and yours may vary.

I will say this though...when the 2014/15 Mustang debuts it will probably be the car I get after the M3. It will be normally aspirated with the 5.0L getting DI by then and another 15-20hp with better fuel economy to boot. Ford is talking about a lighter smaller Mustang for the next go round. The M3 with the turbos is just not my bag..I'm a normally aspirated guy.

BTW, quite a few 5.0s are destroying the #8 piston when they are tuned and Ford is clamping down on aftermarket mods. I mean the car is only making 82hp/litre, it shouldnt be so stressed with just a tune. Something is amiss there, and they have to ditch the MT82 trannies made in China.

tunnes fault for making bad tune's and not testing them to sell them quick, no stock or F/I 5.0L has had this problem.