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Originally Posted by DefBringer View Post
I don't have any gear whine in my car. That's not something that comes up on the Mustang forums either, unlike the 1st-2nd shift issue that some of these cars have problems with. (not mine)

I'm close to 8000 miles on my GT and it is still tight as a drum. I pocketed a clean $20k in savings over the M3 for a car that lacks only in prestige and looks but is the equal or the superior in all other aspects. Both cars are very late in their life cycle, I'm sitting on my wallet until the C7 Corvette, F30 M3, and the Porsche 991 Carrera S. All of these cars are going to be major updates, especially the M3.
So you are saying that the interior, seats, electronics, driving feel and overall refinement of the vehicle is equal? I don't buy that. Mustangs are starting to compare to the M3 in certain categories...but come on. I'm new to the thread so sorry if I missed this, but did you actually own an E92 M3?

My SC'd E92 is working out just fine for me Just pulled on my buddy in a GT-R the other day That's my recommendation... a couple mods and a SC kit turn these things into monsters.