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IMO it is all about marketing. If you think about it there are two sets of buyers

1.Enthusiasts that either come online or are very knowledgable about the cars they buy-these folks do not need a dealer who knows squat and simply needs them to order the car and deliver it. Clearly m-specific dealer will offer no benefit to them

2.Clueless M buyers who just buy the car without caring about technical stuff or just want the badge or an expensive exclusive bmw etc. These people do not care about any further detail aside from what any salesman knows and thus would not really benefit from any very knowledgable M-salesman.

So having salesman with "m-knowledge" IMO serves no purpose as those who care about having this info will already have it or know how to access it online.

The displays will likely help more M cars and bring in attention aka marketing

I think it is good though since as I posted atleast they are doing this in the US which to me is a step in potentially one day bringing over things like the GTS and csl etc if we have more and more M-whatever