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Originally Posted by mdrobc13 View Post
Yeah but I talked to my dealer who informed me that the factory rate/quote from Dinan is what they charge 8.9 hrs for the install/labor plus cost of the springs. 15% off is me when it's 20-25% tho! LOL I did ask my service advisor for instance what if it doesn't take 8.9 hrs to do my much is the charge then expecting him to say oh we bill at the normal $120-130/hr shop rate...To my amazement I was told they will bill 8.9 hrs no matter how long or short the job takes! WTF??? I'd think if the guy finishes my car in 4 hrs; then I should be charged that NOT another 4 hrs while he works on somebody else's ride but nope!

Anybody know if Dinan's warranty applies if you DON'T have the dealer do the work? Am curious what an independant shop would say?
Man, just when my flame suit had finally cooled off from mentioning that I actually paid the "dealer rate" for my Dinan installation...