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My suggestion would be this... It'd be nice to have some sort of icon that you could click on to express bewilderment. Or maybe one that shows one icon "correcting" another, you know in case someone asks or says something silly. That's just my two $0.02. I say we create a poll in another thread so that the mods will take us seriously.

EDIT: What would be really funny is a pic of several smileys beating a horse that's already dead. You could make the horse eyes into "X"s so that you could tell the horse is dead. Or you could just hang a sign on the horse that says "dead horse" or you could have the horse lay "belly-up" to indicate that the horse is dead. You could also put the horse in a horse cemetery with headstones with other horse names on it, like "Mr. Ed". Alternatively, you could put a glue factory in the background or a bottle of Elmers or something that would let us know the horse is not living.

EDIT: I just realized that you could have the grim reaper stand next to the horse, to indicate that the horse is dead. You could also have the horse be in a morgue, or maybe at the pearly gates, but it's doubtful that anyone that would actually beat a dead horse would be at the pearly gates, so it's difficult to tell if that would be accepted by posters here.

EDIT: I found this icon on this site, maybe we could implement something like this:

but with more things to indicate the horse is dead, because it could just be unconscious. The reason I say this is because it's tough to tell if the horse is dead.

EDIT: It just occurred to me that a bunch of elf smileys beating a dead unicorn would be even cooler, because it's more mythical.

EDIT: Scratch that last thought, because posters could confuse that with elves beating reindeer, and Santa lovers might be offended.

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