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Originally Posted by dizzyj View Post
for tracking?

I love my m3, and love driving it on the track, but am worried about the cost of damaging my m3.

if I added BBK+wheels+tires I could easily buy a spec miata with the thought of eventually swapping in an ls2 or so.

if it was just a spec miata, I'd keep my m3 for the track, I've ridden in several instructors and have a ton of respect, but I like having the power coming out of corners. Corners are great in a miata, but straights are pretty anemic.

even with an lsx swap, I'm a little worried about the miata. I LOVE the high reving v8. when I watch videos of z06's they shift so low in the rev range, just doesnt seem as fun.

LS-powered Miata is very unbalanced. It makes the car very front heavy and you can't fit big enough rubber in the back to keep it planted when you step on the gas... I'd suggest looking at a larger chassis if you are looking to do a LS swap. Cars like the 240SX, RX-7 and others are perfect for this set up.