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Originally Posted by Kyoshi71 View Post
I hear what you're saying but would like to clarify some things. 1st, are you blaming any deficiencies the car has in racing on the transmission? If so, that's almost as silly as blaming the engine. The tranny practically IS the car. 2nd, are you telling me that a new C63 has a mechanical detent? If it does, man, Mercedes just sold you a dinosaur. Hopefully you meant an electronic detent and the delay is in the downshift. 3rd, in the video, the Merc jumps twice.

Here is a video (definitely a repost) with the M3 DCT vs C63 where your transmision downshift is irrelevant.


There is a tremendous amount of flaws in your last post. Hopefully we can keep this classy as gentleman.

The 7GA in the C63 is clearly this cars weakest link. Obviously you are informed about each transmission. There is simply no comparison between the M-DCT tranny and the 7GA in the 63 series cars. The M-DCT is clearly superior in all aspects which I’m sure we can agree. However, this isn’t a “silly argument” as you stated above. These transmissions are so far apart in performance it isn’t even worth debating on this forum. Also to blame anything on the engine is ridiculous. Your talking about a 500Bhp close to 500 lb-ft torque engine that revs to 7200RPM. Versus a 414Bhp 295 lb-ft engine revving to 8400RPM. Simply no comparison the M156 is far superior in output when only sacrificing 1200 rpm in redline ( obviously area under the curve in the M156 is greater on a dyno).

Sorry but you are wrong to say in an AMG car that the tranny “is the car”. Everyone knows AMG’s pride and joy is the engine.

Not sure what your saying about a mechanical “detent” with the 7GA. Do you mean defect. If that is the question the answer is a sharp no. Clearly the complaints are issues with the M-DCT clearly out weigh the 7GA tranny if you spend sometime on each forum. Again how many M-DCT problem/complaint threads can we reference on this forum? I know the software is much more updated in the C63 then it is in the other 63 cars considering the rev matching at downshifts.

My argument is completely REVELAT and anyone owning a M-DCT car will agree. If you were to have a run in your M3 M-DCT around 50MPH and start in 3rd gear you would be out of the power band of the car and surely would fall behind. Again, this goes back to my argument. Any person traveling at 50MPH in a C63 even in sport mode who mashes the throttle will only kick down to 3rd gear (not factoring in time to change gears by the auto). However around 50MPH you can manually downshift to 2nd gear in sport mode and mash the gas being in the power band unlike 3rd gear.

The video you reference with your comments is clearly not what you say. Anyone who is watching this video with an un-bias view can see the guy in the M3 rolling ahead first. This video is also from a dig. If your know anything about racing you will know this is the most difficult situation to be in. For the most part, a rolling start eliminates driver error. Again with an automatic the likely hood of holding the lowest gear to redline is not always the case. Also while driving One of the obvious negatives about the C63 in stock form is the small and dysfunctional 255 Pirelli PZERO tires as compared to the larger and superior stock Michelin PS2 tires.
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