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justify my statements? a very good friend of mine has a stock c63amg and we run ALL the time for shits sake - and half the time I come out on top by a nose and the other half he does (basically, its whoever hits the gas pedal that .01 second quicker on the third honk).

oh and in regards to handling? we let eachother drive eachothers cars a couple times, and the handling on the C63 is "sloppy" compared to my M (and im quoting that from HIS mouth), and its pretty obvious once you grab the steering wheel in the M (which is way thicker) that your driving something that was built for a complete different purpose, and performs at a completely different level than the AMG. The AMG lets the rear end come out way too much and has significantly more body roll than the M - my M3 is comparable to a scalpel as where his AMG is comparable to a butter-knife.

IMHO there is no other practical everyday car that is comparable to the M3 in regards to handling, and this is coming from an unbiased owner - I also have an ML63AMG so dont even pull the "M3 fanboy" line.