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Originally Posted by MStar View Post
Or save $20 and get the dealer to do it..
I can't believe people would take the time and use the gas to actually go to a dealer and ask for a top-off. I can do it myself in 30 seconds. 30 seconds. If I lived across the street from a dealer, it still wouldn't be worth my time and effort to drive across the street, give it over to someone else, talk to an SA, and wait for them to bring it back to me.
A couple weeks ago I was waiting for a couple of hours at a Portland dealer and couldn't believe the number of people came in to have air put in their tires. It was the first cold weather of the season so there were a lot of people coming in because their TPMS light was on. It's just amazing that there are that many people that are apparently incapable of adding air to their tires and pushing the TPMS reset button. I consider adding a little oil to be in the same category.
If you are an elderly woman driving a 7 series, no problem, but less-than-elderly guys driving performance oriented cars who do this just make wonder.
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