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Originally Posted by E90SLAM View Post
good bye...

seriously....there's drama around FIA, FOM, and the teams almost every year....politics just never ends....
plus....there's also a possibility that next year's F1 will be full of new teams and teams like McLaren, Ferrari, BMW...will there's no point to watch it anyhow....

are you loyal enough to stick around?

i agree that the politics never end. i am probably over reacting. it just seems that the politics are casting a shadow over the sport. why is the FIA trying to control team budgets? i don't see any team having a huge monopoly over another. it just seems like needless regulation. the FIA should exist to govern and moderate the sport, not to act as a dictator. i think it is good that teams are sticking together to fight the budgeting issue, but the FIA straight up saying that they'll just ban all the teams that don't go along sounds like czarist russia to me.