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Originally Posted by ROTORHEAD77 View Post
I'm not seeing it. Where would you need Mr. Sawzall?

Reading this made me laugh, I was the first guy with a WRX to import and install a FMIC. I bought it in Japan understanding it was a bolt on modification. After about 3 hours with grinders and "Mr. Sawzall", it bolted on just fine!

With the exception of the HUGE muffler in the rear, the exhaust plumbing actually looks pretty effecient. We know for a fact that we will not need an exhaust manifold(s). That piece is a work of art.

On the second diagram, it looks like the main X pipes have the primary cats, secondary cats and resonators all on solid pipe. You would have to Sawzall behind the primary cats (or you will get a CEL) for a "cat-back" exhaust system
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