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Originally Posted by bruce.augenstein@comcast. View Post
I admit to doing a minor force fit on the wording, but the analogy, although far from perfect, really isn't too far afield. I was trying to get back to lucid's orginal post wherein he quoted some of the Road & Track article. What I was attempting to alude to was that the "old" Evo was very tossable compared to the new one. The new car is a more stable ride, and demands a "stable" and deliberate drive to do its best.

If I had used the term "tossability" instead of maneuverability when quoting my son, that would have been more fitting to what I was trying to convey, but unfortunately he didn't use that term.

Of course, tossability is not the same as maneuverablity, but it's close. Getting the car to easily rotate in a corner (if you want it to) is a definite trait of both maneuverability and tossability.

OK, that's just about enough hair-splitting on my part.


PS - Dragsters are designed from the ground up with stability in mind. It's just that they've been assigned a task that nearly guarantees instability.

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