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Originally Posted by Mighty M View Post

But lets not forget the right to bear arms. I want the right to own a 50 cal machine gun. That part of the constituion is good to go. Just not the separation of church and state.

You have the right, and the ability actually, to own a 50 cal machine gun in VA. The problem is the cost, as most 50 cal machine guns start at $25,000 and go up from there. VA also requires state registration of all machine guns in addition to the Federal NFA Form 4.

Contrary to popular belief, owning machine guns in 100% legal in 42 of the 50 states. But in some states, like CA and NJ, while it is legal to own them (but not semi-auto AR15's go figure), it is effectively banned through administrative actions. One of the requirements for the NFA Form 4 is for the Chief Law Enforcement Officer to certify that you aren't a bad guy. Most CLEO's simply won't sign it to keep you from obtaining the item, even if it is completely legal.
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