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Originally Posted by stingray23 View Post
Call BS all you want. I'm the one who owns both and know what I am talking about. The problem is the kool aid drinkers on this forum that believe everything made by germans, especially BMW and Porsche, are made by the hands of god and HAVE to be great no matter what. You guys need to get over yourselves. God forbid someone talks down about BMW and Porsche. Every fagboy on this forum jumps up like they're defending a family member. Re-the-fuck-lax.
Not drinking Kool-aid. Just based off my experience in my fathers 2004-2005 and a few buddies who had 2007-2008 Z06s. IMO, Vettes have a lot of great qualities. They look great (without the chrome wheels), perform great and are a good bang for the buck. However, interior fit and finish, is definitely not one of their strong suits. They have a lot of hard plastics and synthetics coupled with off-the-shelf Chevy parts that seem to come from a Cobalt; because of this, they are prone to more creeks and cracks than most cars in their price range.

However, because of their terrible interiors, a few aftermarket manufacturers make interior kits (dash, console, seats) that look amazing, are of high quality and actually provides the Vette with the interior it deserves from the factory.

Just my two cents.

BTW, that new Z06 Carbon in pretty bad-ass! Saw it at the DC carshow earlier in the year and was really impressed ( except for the interior).