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Originally Posted by stingray23 View Post
Call BS all you want. I'm the one who owns both and know what I am talking about. The problem is the kool aid drinkers on this forum that believe everything made by germans, especially BMW and Porsche, are made by the hands of god and HAVE to be great no matter what. You guys need to get over yourselves. God forbid someone talks down about BMW and Porsche. Every fagboy on this forum jumps up like they're defending a family member. Re-the-fuck-lax.
I'll stir the pot here. I'm not a kool aid drinker for BMW as I do not even own one at the moment. However, I have owned a Porsche 911 GT3 and a Corvette and there is no comparison. It is no accident that Porsche has been at or near the top of J.D. Power quality surveys for years now. The Corvette is the best bang for the buck sports car out there. Period. However, the way certain (not all) Porsche's handle and the confidence they inspire in their drivers is something no Corvette can compare to. Just visit a Porsche forum for grins and see how many Z06's and ZR1's are being traded in for GT3's and RS's. And don't even get me started on the interior. That is the Corvette's weakest point--specifically the seats that have virtually no lateral support. I know, my old man owns 2 C6's (Z06 and ZR1). Again, I do not discount these cars as they are a performance bargain and, yes, are overall very reliable machines. America should be proud of them but in some areas they are not up to snuff with the competition--German or otherwise. An otherwise example being the GT-R. For the same money as a Z06, you get a car that will school any stock Corvette and has an interior somewhat worthy of its price point. At the end of the day, of course, it is a matter of personal preference. That is why they make different cars for different folks. If you want a car that is made by the hands of the gods, may I suggest an Italian car.