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I've driven both the 5.0 and M3. My hat is off to Ford for making an affordable pony car for the masses. However, just my opinion, but the M3 was a more fun and involved drive. To me, the 5.0 felt numb compared to the M3. Granted, the 5.0 has that fun off the line torque but besides that it was not a very involving car to me. I would describe the 5.0 as a club and the M3 as a scalpel. The way the M3 cornered, braked, and overall driving feedback inspired more confidence in me than the 5.0. I also think the M3 has some of the best seats in the business. Comfortable yet very supportive for spirited driving. The 5.0 has decent interior for its price point but not near the quality you get with the M3. Both great cars but meant for distinct buyers. Same goes for the vette vs. M3.