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Originally Posted by Feyd View Post
Then she just wasn't cleaning properly.

When we had just moved from LA to Chicago and were looking for a house, we rented an 800sq/ft apartment for a few months and lived with our two cats (one 18lbs and one 23lbs). People would come over and they couldn't believe that it didn't smell in our place. We didn't use any kind of air fresheners either.

It's all about what you feed them and keeping on top of cleaning out the litter box.

And, FWIW I've been to people's places who have dogs and they can smell like shit too, it's all how hygienic the owners want to be... odor can be managed quite easily IMO.

Dogs can smell pretty bad when they get older and owner doesn't wash them. There's no excuse for not taking great care of your pets no matter what species.