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Buying 2002 E46 M3 -- questions for the enthusiasts

Hey folks --

First, I've done my research and "STFA" -- I just have some overflow questions.

I'm looking at a few local 2002 M3s in the 40-50k miles range. I've made this decision because the car is below my price rage but I did not want to stretch and buy the new 335i, so I figured I'd go with a used car that puts out the same performance and has a nicer style to it.

First, if I'm buying private party, what should I be paying? Both sellers are looking for $33k. I know this is high -- should I come in at $28,000 or what? (again, 40-50k miles).

How much will be caught if I have a BMW dealer/independent mechanic inspect this car? Will that give me good peace of mind? I'm in Los Angeles if anyone can recommend a good dealer to do this.

If the rod bearing recall HASN'T been done, can I get it done and honored by BMW?

Is there anything else I should be looking for? How much $$$ do I have to set aside annually for maintenance and repairs? Someone on another board said $3-$4k annually -- is that really accurate?

Any other advice? I'm really looking forward to this. This was my favorite designed car for a LONG time and I'm jazzed that I can finally get behind the wheel of one.