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Originally Posted by DefBringer View Post
I now have just under 6000 miles on my '11 Mustang GT and it is the most solid, trouble-free car I have ever owned. Granted, it's still basically new, but there is not a single rattle.

My GT is every bit as solid feeling and quiet (if not even more so) than my 335i Coupe.

That said, I think every Mustang made before 2010 is garbage and cannot represent the massive number of improvements Ford has made to the car in the last year. It's not fair to compare a 2006 328i to a 2010 M3 just as it's not fair to compare a 2007 Mustang GT to an '11 Mustang GT. TOTALLY different car.
I've got the M3 on my mind for quite sometime (prefer German over American any day) ... Cousin of mine has the GT 5.0 with everything in it. Always hear a weird whining noise in 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Do you hear that in your car as well? Also, "there's no replacement for displacement," the M3 gets away with the 90+ torque differential because its built with every bit of the everyday driver in mind. The feel of the inside of the 'Stang is just as cheap as the price tag suggests.

When I get my M3, my NYS Lic Plate will read, "STANGDIS", look out for it everyone. No offense to anyone who drives a Mustang, just my cousin who owns one.