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Originally Posted by shift330 View Post
lol, that's what happens when you use your real name as a username....

I wonder if my MOL login even still works....

I had known how to pronounce it before my vacation stay at MCRDPISC, but that's only because I spent so much of my time in college on the couch, stoned, watching The History Channel religiously.

Let's face it; Bush was an idiot in many regards, and Obama is no better. I just get a kick out of all the Obama fans trying to defend him. They got snowed over in the campaign thinking he was some almighty savior.... How hard is it to admit the dude's term so far has been a comedy of errors? If you don't feel comfortable with that terminology, "disappointing" is probably the most optimistic term that could be used for it while still being withing the spectrum of reality.

Regardless of the actions of the President before him, Obama should not have made that mistake TWICE. That being said, I understand the general populace shouldn't be expected to know how vital Navy Corpsmen are, but if you are Commander-in-Chief of the US Armed Forces, I'd expect you to know how to pronounce it, especially considering it's not even the most often-used term containing that phonetic trickery (i.e. the United States Marine Corps). Corpsmen are pretty important.

I'm not going to sit here and say I could do a better job than Obama, or I am more astute and intelligent than Obama, but I will sit here and say we should expect better of him. And FFS quit using comparisons to GWB as easy-out rebuttals to anyone who mentions any negatives about Obama and the job he has/hasn't done. The President should be held accountable for screwing up. I don't give a flying F about what GWB did and you're not going to win my opinion over using those comparisons. I know Bush was a complete idiot at times. So what? That excuses Obama from every mindless mishap simply because he's a mere 1% less idiotic???