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Originally Posted by spacemonkey1112 View Post
Okay, this will be my last post regarding this thread. First of all, in your signature you have a link to your flickr & your old website. I was not aware of your latest work. I apologize if I came off rudely in any way, I only meant for you to advance your skill as a photographer from the work I noticed. Too many people come and go with question about gear this and all this technical data. It doesn't matter if there is no composition or heart. That's what I was getting at with what I saw in your flickr & old website. NOW that I've seen your newer site, I see that this isn't the case for you and I apologize if I came off wrongly.
Again, this is the part that upsets me, nothing was asked based upon the kind of work that I output in the past or present. It was a technical based question - whether my work is good or needs a major overhaul in your opinion doesn't matter. I just wanted to know (mainly from Rodi - which is why I posed his name in the top of the thread) what works with what and if anyone had experience with it. You took it upon yourself to make a judgement in if I was qualified enough to invest into MF by connecting my original question with a "free critique" that you provided. Thats not right, and not what was asked, it's that simple. If I wanted a critique I would have posted some work and asked for it.

and further more how the hell have you seen "my newer site"? I'm not putting any of this info out there. Are you stalking me?

EDIT: nevermind, I see where your confusion is taking place. That is the studio I work for, not my work personally. What is on their site was there long before me however that is the caliber of stuff being shot daily.

Originally Posted by spacemonkey1112 View Post
But you don't need to come off as douche on this forum; Its an off topic BMW thread in the photography section; Not everyone is going to be deemed a professional on these forums. If you want posts on your thread to be more relevant to what you're asking, why don't you just go to a photography forum???
It doesn't matter if its a BMW forum or not. I know there are some good photographers on here and professionals who use this gear (again I will bring up that I was directing most of this to Rodi initially). How do you know I didn't post a thread over on about it, and more importantly why does it matter? If nobody here had anything to offer in the way of an answer to what I asked - then why not just move along instead? A lot of people around here (this entire forum, not the photo section only) show little to no respect for each other and just blurt out whatever they want to say without thinking about it twice. Notice how many threads get closed on a daily basis because of this.

But you are right, not everyone is a professional, I didn't think that it mattered if they were at this point. I was hoping that if they didn't have any info to weigh in on the question they would either read and become informed along the way with me or just keep on moving past the thread.

Originally Posted by spacemonkey1112 View Post
Also, I never said you don't deserve better gear. Anyone can use whatever they want. You can do whatever you want with your money, it affects me in no way. I was just trying to be a supportive photographer trying to give advice to people. I've come across people wanting to switch to MF when they can get the work done with a DSLR. Jeremy Cowart Primary uses a a 5DII, & it works for him. Zach Arias loves his Phase One and that works for him. Joey L likes to mix and match between the two depending on what he wants. With what I saw earlier (before I saw your new website) was work you can do what a DSLR and I gave my 2 Cents in hopes that it would help you but you take it in such a negative way.
Your comments might not have directly said that but at the same time they implied it heavily and basically read - "Hey you need to work on your stuff more, go get better with what you have and then think about MF in the future".

"being a supportive photographer" usually makes you look like the same snub nosed jerk you refer to below when it's not asked for.

I have no issues saying I know I am not perfect. I hope I am able to get better every time I sit behind the camera, but I also know I've got a lot of recent experience this year and a piece of paper that says Bachelors of Fine Arts on it which means I'm good enough to some level at doing this so I am confident in my own skills thus far. I don't need validation on an internet forum of any kind to feel better about that.

And again this is the problem, you offered your 2 cents subjectively on my situation as a whole (granted using some misinformation) instead of focusing on the question that was asked which was purely technical/informational at its roots. Even if you were properly informed, doesn't mean your advice on my purchase should have included what you think of my work.

Originally Posted by spacemonkey1112 View Post
What this industry needs to learn is some manners. Too many photographers hold their heads too high with their nose points up at the sky like the world revolves around their "sophisticated" choice of a career. Get off your high horse and learn some manners. People are only trying to help and you think you've learned it all.
I've never said I knew it all, nor do I think I act like I do. I agree, many photographers act like snobs sometimes and to be fair I won't even count myself out because nobody is an exception to the rule - however in this case, you are a great example of it as well. You offered your "critique" of my workload when all I asked was for info on MF cameras and digital backs. You jumped into critique mode to give me advice yet no critique was asked for.

WAY too often people on these and other forums display 2 horrible traits.

1. They can't take a critique when they are put in that position by showing their work or entering a contests or whatever. I am 110% all for defending your work because sometimes you can have a great image but not everyone gets it - a photographer should take from that and try to use it the next time they go out to convey a message more clearly.

2. They offer their advice/critique too much or at inappropriate times and try to pull someone else's work down, thinking it will then lift them up.

I've been put through critiques 2-4 times a week for the last 3 1/2 years. When someone just plane old doesn't like my work, it honestly doesn't bother me. What it does is makes me think what can I do to get better. The is no snub nosing there, only a constant search for personal growth. However that being said, if someone tries to tell me they don't like something without being about to back up their claim, yes I think they are full of shit.

Originally Posted by spacemonkey1112 View Post
And just saying sorry for sounding overly defensive doesn't make anything better. If it sounds harsh, that how it sounds. If you didn't mean for it to sound that way, then rewrite it. Photographers today are two faced. Polite to their clients cause they are looking to pay the bills... Dicks to the rest of the world that doesn't know them. Its sad to see what the industry looks like.
Oh don't be mistaken, I knew it was harsh as it was meant to be. I honestly don't care if it makes it better or not, I didn't post this thread with the sole intention of making new friends. Make no mistake, there is no 2 faced quality about me. I'm openly not overly nice to the people who rub me the wrong way and most people know that. However, when I respect you and you respect me, I'm a pretty easy going fun guy and 99/100 times I will show you that right off the bat until you prove you are someone who doesn't deserve it.

That being said, in the grand scheme of things, I don't really care who you are, what you do and if you like me or not because you're just another name among thousands of guys on a forum who's opinion probably doesn't mean much anyway. The ones that do, I will continue to rely on for help and offer mine to them when asked.

Are we ready to lock this one up and move along now?

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