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Originally Posted by UdubBadger View Post
You not need to worry about my Flickr and work you've seen on here to justify this or any other purchase of mine thanks. This isn't for shits n giggles on the forums where little to no effort is put forth. Shooting commercially for pay is a different story. If I wanted an opinion of if you thought I was good enough to deserve one I would have asked that instead.

Sorry not trying to get overly defensive or anything but my Flickr is about 1/10th of my work and that's because the other 9/10ths I'm too busy to show or not allowed to post publicly.

Either way this comment is totally irrelevant, I'm looking for technical info/opinions not critiques.
Okay, this will be my last post regarding this thread. First of all, in your signature you have a link to your flickr & your old website. I was not aware of your latest work. I apologize if I came off rudely in any way, I only meant for you to advance your skill as a photographer from the work I noticed. Too many people come and go with question about gear this and all this technical data. It doesn't matter if there is no composition or heart. That's what I was getting at with what I saw in your flickr & old website. NOW that I've seen your newer site, I see that this isn't the case for you and I apologize if I came off wrongly.

But you don't need to come off as douche on this forum; Its an off topic BMW thread in the photography section; Not everyone is going to be deemed a professional on these forums. If you want posts on your thread to be more relevant to what you're asking, why don't you just go to a photography forum??? Also, I never said you don't deserve better gear. Anyone can use whatever they want. You can do whatever you want with your money, it affects me in no way. I was just trying to be a supportive photographer trying to give advice to people. I've come across people wanting to switch to MF when they can get the work done with a DSLR. Jeremy Cowart Primary uses a a 5DII, & it works for him. Zach Arias loves his Phase One and that works for him. Joey L likes to mix and match between the two depending on what he wants. With what I saw earlier (before I saw your new website) was work you can do what a DSLR and I gave my 2 Cents in hopes that it would help you but you take it in such a negative way. What this industry needs to learn is some manners. Too many photographers hold their heads too high with their nose points up at the sky like the world revolves around their "sophisticated" choice of a career. Get off your high horse and learn some manners. People are only trying to help and you think you've learned it all.

And just saying sorry for sounding overly defensive doesn't make anything better. If it sounds harsh, that how it sounds. If you didn't mean for it to sound that way, then rewrite it. Photographers today are two faced. Polite to their clients cause they are looking to pay the bills... Dicks to the rest of the world that doesn't know them. Its sad to see what the industry looks like.

Originally Posted by UdubBadger View Post
off topic means look at the original question asked and focus on that, not the side chatter that has taken up 1/2 of the thread.

I didn't ask for peoples advice on if my work is deemed good in their opinions, I didn't ask if said work is worth me investing into a MF, and I didn't ask if I should buy a Nikon instead of an MF.

I'm not picking on you personally, and my response with your quoted post above it was not meant to single you out.

All I wanted here were some answers to questions I had about MF cameras - thats all. If someone here other than the guys who have already posted the info/knowledge they have on the matter has something relevant to say about that topic, great I am all ears. However, if we are going to go as far as critique my work, or say it's undeserved or not worth the cost having never used both formats - it's all side chit-chat that just clutters up the real info I am after so please excuse me for not entertaining it and trying to stay focused on answering the questions I originally asked.
again, no one said its undeserved.
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