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Mazdaspeed 3

Well there's this kid with an MS3 and he claims he has 300whp on his car. And that could not be possible without a turbo swap, and some other modifications. Him and all his flipno friends think they can beat me in a straight. But he's not stock, he has Intake, Downpipes, Test Pipe, and soon to be a Boost Control. I know i'll beat this kid in a straight, but should i? I know street racing is bad and all that, but i'm a kid myself, and I don't know what to do. Hahah, and winner gets $60.

ALSO, he has an HKS BOV, therefore he lost some power. and he got his cats deleted.

Oh, and we're in hsigh school. Haha, i know this is childish, but i want to shut all his friends up. Oh, and he's a horrible driver

I'm ready to get flamed..

did i put this in the right section?

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