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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post

You could put me blind in a M-DCT and a normal torque converter auto and I could tell you instantly which is which. They feel different because on the inside they are incredibly different. One is a manual inside and the other is...well... an automatic inside. Although there is indeed some convergence in feel and shift times epecially with never "locking" automatics the DCT is still superior in shift times and feel.

Are you really that pessimistic about the next gen M3?
Yea I am, but to be fair I've become that pessimistic about all new bmws. It's not just the gearbox or turbo thing (both of which I disagree with but can stomach), it's the change in philosophy from developing and marketing a car with a focus on the actual task of driving instead the current design philosophy which gives priority to an array of gadgets and gizmos and makes sacrafices in the actual driving experience.

I'm not against the tech, I'm against buying a 4000lb ipad that has a secondary function of transportation.
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