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Originally Posted by Baremeg55 View Post
As I mentioned above, you take it to another level with personal attacks.
There's history there that goes well beyond your scope. Let's leave it at that. I'm sure he doesn't need you coddling him and standing up for him to some big bad antagonist on an internet forum.

Originally Posted by Baremeg55 View Post
Biased or fanboy? Who, exactly, is disappointed?
You must not read any of the tech blogs or reports. If you're unaware of the initial reactions to the announcements, even amongst some Apple loyalists, make yourself aware before spouting off. Regardless of initial sales, the initial reactions were there. And as I said (prior to its smashing success pre-sale), it would be the same as the previous releases. There would be buzz about the improvements being only incremental and disappointing, as there was this time around as well. And then what happened? They set sales records.... So.... Was I wrong? No, in fact I was spot-on. There was backlash from the community about the upgrades being underwhelming, and people bought them anyway! Could I have been more right? This has happened with almost every refresh so far. Deal with it.

It would be nice to have this thread not derailed anymore; if you've got specific topic-related input, great. If not, go away.