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OE Front Strut Mount/Guide/Hat Questions

Hi all,

Getting ready to install some Dinan fixed camber plates, and have a few questions regarding front strut mounts/guides/supports/hats whatever you may call them (PN 31302283650).

- As we know, the Dinan plates raise the car 1/4''. Not the end of the world, but not the direction I want to go either. Is there anything simple that can be done to offset this, short of other springs/coilovers? One shop thought that the OE mount from another model would do the trick, but forgot which model they'd come from. I reckon the Dinan mount (or similarly machining OE units) increases travel but does nothing to ride height. Alternatively, maybe I'd throw in a slightly thicker rear spring pad, if possible, to at least maintain the factory rake. Any ideas?

- How durable do the OE mounts seem to be? Mine have no obvious issue, but if they are wear items then Ill replace "while I'm in there." I have 50K on my street-driven CA car. At $230/pair, they are classically overpriced for what they are (and unfortunately no TRW or other alternative). I'll also probably replace the bump stops ($40/pair) even though they shouldn't be too bad, but that's cheap/easy enough at this time.