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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
Sorry, I don't buy the anology. A better anology might be with ABS or something. And when ABS kicks in, I notice it. When any electromechanical system interferes with handling, I notice it, and so should you if you are somewhat in touch with what the car is doing is my point.
ABS has a much more aggressive intervention. Of course you're going to notice that, like I do.

However, you don't notice soft stop unless you drive in a particular way. So if you don't attempt to stop the car smoothly, then you will notice it. If you drive normally, and try to drive smoothly, then you will not notice soft stop because it won't need to intervene.

However, the brake assist can be annoying. If you tap the breaks quickly but with little force, it can confuse the system and 'think' you want full force breaking, which can be jerky.