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Originally Posted by xsilvor View Post
I think I did a pretty good job explaining that I was basing the "experience" comment off what I'd read, so you don't really need to repeat that. As for the 350 and the F comparison... I was complimenting the 350, thereby complimenting the F... so no need to get defensive I like the car, the looks just aren't appealing to me, though the black one posted earlier is gorgeous.
Sorry about that... I just see so many posting on how the car isn't good based on what they read. Isn't a very open minded way of thinking. I like the M3. Sure there are some things that I may not like about it, but I don't off by bashing it because I bought the other brand. So many people are stuck on the brand that they buy. Seems a little superficial. All the cars in this class are really good.