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Originally Posted by PandaM3 View Post

In my previous car I learned the hard way as well.

Had complete brake failure with the RB setup twice.

Once on the track where I attributed it to overheated pads causing complete brake failure going into a turn... Luckily there was a long run out.

Another on the track where brake fluid was boiling out of the bleeder screws.

And again on the street where fluid quickly leaked out of the crossover tubes... Crossover tubes that are never touched just decided to come loose leading to complete brake failure on the freeway.

If you think that was an isolated incident I know other people who had the same thing happen with the crossover tubes... Luckily they bought theirs via amazon and returned using amazons return policy where as I was sol.

Anyhow I fixed the problem at the time by getting a Stoptech trophy kit... And even with just the street pads that setup was much better at the track, stood up to more abuse... And never resulted in leaking fluid, loose crossover tubes, and brake failure on the track.
Do you have any pictures? I'd like to see the failure that happened

i'm in the market for an RB setup and i would like to gather as much information as possible before spending that amount of cash