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Originally Posted by besiktas View Post
What type of a difference one should expect if the event is run by and organization like BMW CCA versus a company like trackdaze or IMG. I have never been to a CCA event before.
I've only been to CCA schools and private track days. CCA stresses building car control skills and driving awareness. Everyone wants the student to have fun but speed comes with time and familiarity with all things safety related. For some people it takes a session or two, for others- a lot longer. It all depends on what you want from the event.
CCA schools are pretty structured. Not trying to discourage you but if all you want is to drive fast (and learning is a secondary goal), a bmwcca SCHOOL is not the best organization for you to facilitate track time.

Private track days are a different beast. This is just plain open-track time shared amongst experienced drivers. Depending on the group, point-by's are optional and passing (safely) is allowed anywhere, anytime. One of the events I enjoyed the most was a private track event at Watkins Glen. I went through countless tanks of gas, a set of tires and two sets of brake two days of open-track lapping. It was awesome.