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Originally Posted by BTM View Post
To clarify, this is a constant load rather than an impact. An impact is a quick & concentrated application of force, for example if you were to drop a jack stand. Nothing is impervious to damage from an impact, but keeping in mind it is a garage, it's not going to look perfect, nor should it, especially if you're using it. Glad you're happy with the product and results though.

The type of flooring you go with should stem with what you plan on using the garage for, and weighing the costs/benefits. What kind of work will it see? Basic DIY stuff, heavier DIYing (welding, etc), or do you want a space that simply looks good to park your cars in? Is your garage climate controlled, or do you plan on climate control in the future? Each has their advantages and disadvantages, and pinpointing your main use of the space will go a long way in satisfying your expectations.

A recent issue of Classic Motorsports (had a blue porsche on the cover) had a good summary of the pros and cons of all the different flooring methods. I'm not sure if I still have it, if I do I'll scan the page.
Sorry, typed out my response pretty quickly.

But yes, heavy things have hit the finish without chipping it.

Used three coats plus an anti-slip addition (basically sand). Directions really need to followed for it to hold up well, but that can be said about all finishes. Like all paint, it's all about the prep.