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Originally Posted by dex37 View Post
Thanks! From what I've heared the Recaro Pole Position are actually quite comfortable for a racing seat. I will defenetly be mountet on sliders. I want to keep my car a DD. I will try the technique with the seatbelt. I found the seats ok on the track, but at the drift trainings I was moving around much more. The problem with the height remains though.

I am also not a fan with harnessess with stock seat and especially without a cage, so I will keep the stock seat belts.

I'll have a look at that CG Lock. I didn't know it till now.
Do you know that your seat serves as the anchor points for your seat belt? Replicating that with aftermarket seats is not very easy and unproven. In addition, you have to be very mindful that the belts "ride" on your body properly, tight on your hips.

Do you also know that there's a device in the seatbelt receptacle that detonates under crash to tighten the belt (pre-tensioner) and if there's an aftermarket seat eyelet in the way, it will destroy the seat and/or damage the buckle.

All stuff to consider when you go messing around with years and millions of dollars of crash data collection and engineering.

Try a CG Lock and a volleyball knee pad on the door side knee to help brace yourself.