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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
I think most people here are full of crap... Mostly because of the risk of a ticket. If you redline in 1st to 2nd and then again shifting to 3rd, you're speeding. And it's not like this car can blend in with others exactly.
It's true you are speeding by doing what you describe above, but then the speed of traffic on freeways around here is typically 85mph, so hitting redline in second coming onto a freeway just about gets me there.

Speaking of entrance ramps I frequently use both these and exit ramps to "get my kicks" so to speak as they offer relatively good opportunities do have fun with low risk of being caught speeding. As you probably know, it is very fun to round cloverleaves at high speed.

Originally Posted by asw19 View Post I DONT take mine to redline. I usually dont go past 7,000. (let the flaming begin) but I dont see how you can rev it past 8,000 and not be incurring some additional wear on the engine.
I am not going to flame you - that's your perogative. However, I would pose these questions: Why stop at 7000 RPM vs. 6900 RPM or 7100 RPM? What guide did you use in finding your favorite max RPM?
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