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I had a few questions so I contacted Turner, I think this might shed some more light:

"I was wondering about the gains you list for the Stage II M3 software. You say the primary cat is deleted by either modifying the factory manifold or by going to a race manifold. What is the cost for each?

If I am not local to you how do I get my factory header modified? Where are the details on the race headers? Are the gains shown from a modified factory exhaust or the race header?

Many people say the primary cat being deleted gives a loss in low end torque, is this true? "


We will have race center sections for sale in about 30 days - or you can have a local shop chop out your pre cats (assuming the car is for off road / race use) OR Supersprint has a sport cat pipe that was just released. Any / all of these options would work.

There is no loss in low end torque over stock with the pre cat removed - I have never tried taking off the primary cats (that would be too loud)

They dyno I have posted is from a car with the cats pre cats deleted from the factory system.