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Racying Dynamics
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Originally Posted by AlpenWhite25 View Post
I have came across this Tunning Company with some impressive claims.Sounds to me that they have succeded similar resaults with Noelle Motorsport in a American Price Tag.Delete of the First Catalytic Converters and ReProgramm the ECU...Does anyone have any reviw on this Company about the level of expertice on BMW over the years...?????Bottom line looks like they have managed to get 40 Wheel Horse Power with these modifications(something that Noelle (476 hp) also claims) and that alone is a something at least worthy of mentioning...
Well, whatever the case, with race headers, deleted front cats as well as the reprogrammed software to include 8,600 rev limiter, it may be possible to get +40bhp not IMO whp. Don't honestly know what 200 more revs will get you but who knows with all that reprogramming everywhere. A word of caution, I've not seen one reputable tuner make more than 20bhp with ECU, not Dinan, nor ACS, nor RDSport, nor GPower, etc..., etc... Also, I paid for an ECU reflash that was dynoed at 44+bhp gain (dyno is on this site) and I honestly don't think I got half that. Just my opinion!! Serves my right for working with a second rate tuner I suppose, lol! In any event and for the life of me, I just can't see what those other tuners than claim big numbers know about the engines that is not known by other very, very reputable tuners.

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They certainly read as if they were stated as fact. You even went on to recommended other dynos and said they produced numbers that you believed in (which implies accuracy). But let's move on and possibly look into the numbers you got from the dyno....

...I'm sorry, but I do not even remotely believe that is true. And if it isn't true, then obviously driver ability plays a role in final trap speed.
+1 PencilGeek!