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Originally Posted by j2m View Post
The cold start is required on the ESS kits. Apparently it gets all the fluids moving through the system.
We suggest running the factory cold start due to the supercharger adding some additional drag to the motor when it is cold. Removing cold start can result in slightly less stable idle during cold starts. We have found this varies from car to car on the ones we have done. If anyone has cold start removed and is having issues with idle during cold start email with your VIN and we can supply you with a slighlty revised software version that can help. You can also check your software file if you have a copy of it and if it has "V13" in the description this is the lower idle version and can be revised by us if needed.

Small random idle fluctuations during cold start are normal but if you have normal cold start "which comes standard" on our kits and you are having abnormal issues with low idle during startup or driving contact your installation facility as this is not normal and can be a result of something hardware or installation related.