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Originally Posted by TTG View Post
I got my 335 from Hahn X over invoice and my M3 from Bellevue X over invoice as well.

Alvin at BMW Bellevue is a very straight shooter. Once him and I agreed on the dealer profit, he just gave me the order sheet and I built my car. Overall, very good experience.
I shopped around for my euro delivery, also on a X above invoice basis. I knew exactly what I wanted. The big CA dealer on this forum was $600 over invoice, Alvin in Bellevue was $1K over and Fife was $1500 over.

Fife was a bunch of idiots who never took me seriously because I showed up in shorts in my wife's dirty Forester.

I went with Bellevue over CA because I couldn't make the trip from LA in under $400 and planning that trip would be a PITA, with the unknowns of euro-redelivery.

My experience with Alvin was very much so-so. He made me drive to Bellevue twice to sign paperwork (which is a pain for me on a weekday), forgot our appointment once and wasn't honest about it, and made me fill out a ton of BS forms I didn't need because I wasn't financing the car. And he refused to give me the M floor mats which, according to this forum, most dealers provide for euro-dev cars that don't get them.

At the end of the day, I'll very seriously consider CA next time. But I wouldn't necessarily avoid Bellevue either if it's more convenient for me.