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S54 MAF Code - Advice please??

Looks like no one on the Zpost forum could help me, maybe you guys can shed some light on what I need to do.... They sent me here.

07 Z4MC with 6K miles.
Recently changed to euro headers, relocated o2s and egt, all seems fine. 100 miles later the SES light comes on, and I get code P1140 - MAF sensor out of range. Only code, O2s seem happy.

When I unplug the Maf at idle, there is no change.
The cheapo scanner I have doesn't give me freeze frame data.
I have reset the light twice, but it keeps coming back.

I cleaned with MAF cleaner - no change - except that the light did come on faster...

Before I buy a fairly expensive sensor, anything else I can check?
Cant find any vacuum leaks in the intake, everything seems to run just fine.

Thanks for any help you can provide!