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Individual audio - no sound after loud popping

Mine is a 2011 model year coupe with the individual audio system (s752). For a long time I would hear loud popping on acceleration at high speeds from the passenger side (I suspect, from the under seat subs) - as if someone was tapping violently, protesting the high rate turn out of speed. This popping would appear under acceleration and at higher speeds only (acceleration at lower speeds was okay). Then, I started noticing the popping before the car was started too, with the battery on. Soon, I started hearing popping from the back (near the back seats). The popping in the back would start as soon as the car was turned on (battery), last for a few seconds and disappear. Sometimes the popping would remain persistent throughout the drive. A few days ago, these 'customary' pops from the back appeared, louder than usual and then, suddenly all audio just went out. No PDC, gong or warning tones, absolutely mute. I also saw a warning on the dashboard saying there were no warning tones. Now I do not have audio at all. No more popping and no warning on the dashboard. When I plugged in my carly adapter and scanned the systems, there weren't any error codes either. It seems like my amp (and possibly the underseat sub, at least on the passenger side) has gone out. Is there any way to diagnose what exactly has gone wrong? Also, what options do I have in getting my audio fixed ? Aftermarket solutions are okay too, as long the sound quality remains at least the same.
I can connect my phone through bluetooth/aux and can see media information on iDrive as well. All the media controls work - steering wheel/center console etc. (i.e pressing the arrows change the song etc.). I've tried playing on the radio and there' no sound there either.

Looking for suggestions/DIYs. I live in the pittsburgh, pa area and if someone could connect me with specialists, that'd be great too.

P.S - I do not mind not having audio at all, with the way it sounds and all. But, it'd be nice to have google maps give me instructions over the audio, and my friends aren't car nuts at all, so, it'd be nice to have them nap listening to some music rather than hear complaints about the exhaust drone for 7 hours straight (I use mine significantly on long trips)
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