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Originally Posted by Davo2003 View Post
The term "out the door" includes TT&L...yes MIL price as you have equipped it should be 54K, but how do you escape taxes and reg fees?

Depends are where the guy is buying. In Japan, I can bypass the two 5% (automobile) +5% (VAT) expensive taxes but I have to get a $2000, two day rolling chassis emissions test. In Korea, you pay almost no taxes. No gas guzzler, no import, no VAT, no sales taxes. I believe the EU and Gulf countries all have their Status of Forces agreements to avoid certain if not all taxes for US military personal vehicles. Essentially you are treated as a diplomat bringing his own car into the country.

If the car is delivered overseas and has xxx miles on it. When the car is shipped into the US after the tour it enters with no taxes and is covered for the duration of the remaining warrantee / service.

I've been overseas so long I can't stand the thought of having to pay taxes on a car. I'm looking at MSRP - Military discount + shipping + $3000 in customs / emissions / recycling / weight / engine size taxes. Much cheaper than the $90,000 that the M3's are sold for here in Japan.
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