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Originally Posted by EvolutionX
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Maybe i said it wrong. Not class, moreso quality of build and the engineering. Ppl are taking this the wrong way too much. Lol.

I loved my evo ix and it ripped aprt roads and 95% of the cars out there and surprised many in their superior cars. But i love my m3 that much more. Plus dont want awd anymore, although i did get to big bear faster than most
I'm not taking it personal. Just pointing out that each of us seaks out what we like. So "class" may be something we don't care about. Class is also different to different people. Build quality? If that comes into play we would have to discount everything ever made by America. Lol

Funny thing is I have been waiting for my Evo to rattle. Rattle = race car. 41k miles and it won't rattle except the change in the center.

I think it has been said here before that the M3 is a great compromise between luxury and performance. That's an excellent selling point for some. For me "no compromise" was the selling point.

Point is only that everybody buys a car for their own reason.
Thats why i dont care about american cars! Lol.

I love jdm and german cars.

My e90 pays homage to jdm because while everyone does the blue angel eyes, i did yellow, a la all my hondas and my evo LOL