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Originally Posted by mdosu View Post
nope it's free indefintely until the contract with BMW drys up with their provider, read the FAQs on the link in my earlier post.

As it relates to Columbus, OH. I've noticed this as well and it's def. accurate. I'm from the Columbus area (HS, college), and though I only go back to visit my parents on weekends/holidays now, there's just not enough traffic in Columbus to report. You should see the list on the DC area on a rainy day, probably 35+ entries.

The term of "traffic disruption" in Columbus terms is nothing vs DC, LA, NYC and other major metro area. For instance, on I-66 here in VA, there's stopped/20mph traffic both ways EVERYDAY and at all hours. This is traffic. No matter how you cut it, the rush hour traffic on SR-315 in Columbus pales in comparison.

BTW, this feature is super useful on interstates in the middle of nowhere, it's very accurate.
Cool - thanks mdosu. I figured that might be the case. I'm certainly not complaining that I live in a place without enough traffic to bother reporting. We have it very easy here. Especially since I moved here from NYC (Manhattan) where there was PLENTY of traffic but I did not yet have this car.

And I really don't use my car much on road trips so it actually hasn't seen much beyond about an hour from the center of town.