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Originally Posted by Dave07997S View Post
Agreed, I still like the Turner Pipes as it allows you to keep the OEM rear resonators and cats. However, for those that want to go catless I would go for it. This is what this pipe should have cost from the get go..people spending 1000s of dollars for some mandrel bent stainless tubing is utterly ridiculous.
As far as pairing this up with a Megan Exhaust, it would be way loud. My car is borderline with the OEM rear cats and resonators. Its quiet if I keep my foot out of it, but as soon as I crack the throttle...look out.

Malek, I respect your opinion immensely..but I have to say this is what an xpipe without cats or resonators should cost. You start adding cats and resonators, especially high quality 200cpi cats then of course the cost is going up considerably.
Also, I spent a lot of money on parts for my E46 M3 (SuperSprint..cough, cough) and the midpipe along with the flange on the headers broke....only tracked the car once at Willow Springs but most of the time it was just a street car. My Eisenmann Race broke the brackets 3 times..finally had it replaced, sold it and bought a Borla with absolutely no issues for 3 whole years.

Max Producer Surplus = Consumer surplus is 0... They will charge the Maximum amount,we are willing to pay....simply Economics... Again if we are talking about adding a good quaility Cat.. that changes everything.. for tubes..there is not that much difference in terms of quailty to justify 1000 dollar difference in price.

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