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Originally Posted by Titanium Silver View Post

DSC or 6MT?

Use your clutch if your RPMs are super low. Everyone with the 6MT complains about jerkiness and difficult 1 > 2 shits and 3 > 2 shifts. What's up with this? I don't have any problems. Took about a week of driving to get used to the clutch (engagement is a little high compared to other cars). I am not going to remove any clutch springs or get a SSK. The car is completely fine stock. Shifting is smooth and no weird issues.

If you have DCT, this is probably normal. However, I can't comment on this. Not trying to start another DCT vs 6MT thread. There are more than plenty on this forum.
HUH WHAT? What do you mean DSC or 6MT ?

I wasn't complaining about difficult shifting! I'm IN GEAR accelerating and the JOLT is AT 1500k rpm and 1900k rpm (No shifting involved)

BTW, you must not have driven a car with an SSK! Try to find a fellow member locally that has, say a UUC ssk It might just make you feel that your STOCK shifter is loose in terms of play. Not even gonna get into the whole shorter throw between gears. But if you dont know what we're talking about here, then nevermind.

Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
Sounds like a bad coil pack or missfire. ?
I'm sure that would throw a code...

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