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Originally Posted by Xcelrrate View Post
What do you mean by LUGGED?
I take your 3rd paragraph in offense but ... I dont see any problems in my driving habits.
Well, I was going to respond with your following quote:

Originally Posted by Xcelrrate View Post
As I accelerate ((in any gear)(under 2k rpm)(<25% throttle))
Then I noticed the '<', when my post was based on '>'; Oops . Sorry buddy. So never mind the 'offensive' comments .

As far as lugging the engine, I made the comment based on '(in any gear)'. You'd obviously be fine in 2nd. In 3rd, you'd definitely be lugging the engine at 1.5K rpm and 25% throttle, but less so at 1.9K rpm. And it gets worse on higher gears. Besides, the engine has almost no power when being lugged so no need to do that. But if you're just slowing down anticipating a green light where there's a red one ahead, you can feather the throttle in 3rd (level road) at those rpm without lugging the engine. Take care, and sorry again for the confusion .