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Originally Posted by Seattle S65B40 View Post
Even with your explanation, I can say that I have not experienced this. Unless you count when the car is "cold," in which case, it can be somewhat more inconsistent under the conditions you've described (low RPMs, low throttle, any gear).
Nope, car is at normal operating temp.

Originally Posted by 1sikbmr View Post
is your clutch slipping?
Far from slipping..

I think any car would be far from drivable, if the clutch was slipping with low RPMs and low throttle

Originally Posted by Stainless 45 View Post
Yeah I get this too- from day one. "Twitchy" is how I would describe it. Above 3k purrs along just fine, but, warm or cold, below 3k in 1st, 2nd or 3rd, it's a slight bucking. The only explanation I've been able to find it it's due to the "drive by wire"- there is so much power and this engine is so high strung it want to go full throttle. Light throttle and you feel every little adjustment. Curious too if anyone else has this, or a better diagnosis.
Wow, from day one? Sorry to hear that. But Sorry, I dont like your explanation because this is something that just started recently. So at least in my case, my drive by wire has handled my high strung engine just fine...

I can deal with the problem/issue/thing... but its just not quite normal. No passenger has notice this "jolt" thing, and if they do, they'll probably think that I'm manipulating it myself..

oh well for now

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